Padel Barcelona – el Prat

Padel Barcelona – el Prat

Paddle Club

Rental paddle courts and monthly fees. Wide opening hours and prices, diversity of fees adapted to the needs of any user.

The Paddle Club provides of free parking, restaurant, outdoor pool, and wide locker rooms, clean and comfortable.

In Paddle Barcelona – el Prat, you can enjoy of the best paddle courts in Barcelona and sorroundings. The Club is located on a privileged environment with easy acces from Barcelona, Zona Franca, el Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans, Hospitalet, Cornellà, Gava and Castelldefels.

Paddle School

Paddle classes for all ages, from initial levels to the most advanced for the perfection of the technique.

The paddle classes at Padel Barcelona – el Prat are taught by highly qualified teachers who will improve the paddle level of each and every one of their students.

The paddle club Padel  Barcelona – el Prat, is also specialist in the organization of paddle championships and paddle clinics from companies and groups, these can be complemented by the excellent restaurant service of the club.

Paddle Campus

Summer camps and campus on Christmas and Easter, where children can play paddle among any other sports and didactic activities.

The monitors of the club, watch over the quality and the security, so that the children live an authentic sport experience in a magnificent natural environment.

The paddle classes, summer camps and campus are intended to introduce the children into the paddle, both in knowledge of the regulations and in the technique, always without forgetting, that the main objective is the fun of children.

Partners of Padel Barcelona – el Prat